"Admiral Michael Mullen" (former U.S. Chief of
Naval Operations and later Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, profile).
"The New Face of Seapower" (Article reporting
Admiral Mullen's remarks to the Navy League of the
United States, New York Council, March 2007).
"Creating a Sense of Urgency"
(Article on the Sea Services' efforts to enlist public
support for a new maritime strategy with remarks by
Admiral Mullen, Admiral Morgan, General Johnson
(USMC),  Admiral Nimich (USCGC)).
"Touring The Naval War College"
(Profile of the Navy's post-graduate education
center at Newport, Rhode Island).
"Supporting the Fleet" (Article based upon
Admiral Frederic Ruehe's remarks to the New York
Council of the Navy League concerning the Navy’s
Mid-Atlantic Region and managing navy bases and
"Admiral Thad Allen" (Commandant, U.S. Coast
Guard, profile).
"Good-bye to the Battleships" (Article on the
removal of the last Iowa-class battleships from the
Navy list in 2006).
"Scratch One Flat-top"     (Editorial on the 2005
proposal to decommission USS JOHN F.
"Deep Six for the Subase" (Editorial on the
2005 proposal to close the submarine base at
New London, Connecticut).
"New York's Sea Service" (Profile of the New
York Naval Militia).
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and copyrighted by Richard H. Wagner  
"From Kings Point to the Bridge of the Queen"
(Profile of USNR Lt. Ben Lyons, the first
American deck officer hired by Cunard)
"Admiral Robert Lunney Receives Croatian
Order For Securing Medal of Honor For
Family of Croatian American Sailor"  (Article)
"Admiral Evan Chanick: Putting The Naval
perations Concept To Work"
"Admiral John Morgan: A Maritime Strategy For  A
Changed World"
"Former Defense Secretary William Cohen - - A
Call For Rededication"
"Admiral Robert Reilly - - Military Sealift
Command Supplying the Worldwide Security
"General Peter Pace - The Way Forward."  Then
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff comments on
Iraq, Afghanistan, Somilia and other topics.
"John F. Lehman - The Root Source of Terrorism."
The 9/11 Commissioner and former Secretary of
the Navy discusses the sources of terrorism and the
failure to address them.
"Secretary Donald C. Winter - The Navy Today
and Tomorrow."  The Secretary of the Navy talks
about the state of the sea services.   
"Admiral Robert Reilly - - Military Sealift
Command Supplying the Worldwide Security
Its all about ships
and more
"Captain Roger Crossland: Recollections of a SEAL
in Iraq and Afghanistan"
"The Bear Is Back - - The Resurgence of the Russian Navy"
Article and photographs.
"Shaping USS New York" Prospective Commanding Officer
Commander Curt Jones discusses his ship, now under
"Visiting the Home of the Royal Navy" - - a look at the naval
attractions open to visitors to Portsmouth, England
"Transition from a Strategic Reserve to an Operational  
Reserve - - Mission Almost Accomplished" - - Assistant
Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
Tom Hall Reports on the State of the Guard and Reserve.
"AREAS OF CONCERN" - - Admiral Mike Mullen,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outlines some of the
issues confronting the
United States