Ship Name                        Size in Gross Tons*         Entered Service**      Class***
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MSC Meraviglia                      171,598            2017        Meraviglia  

MSC Seaview                         153, 516            2018        Seaside

MSC Seaside                          153, 516            2017        Seaside
MSC Preziosa                         139,400              2013        Fantasia

MSC Divina                            139,400              2012        Fantasia      

MSC Magnifica                        92,409               2010       Musica  

MSC Splendida                        137,936              2009       Fantasia

MSC Fantasia                          137,936              2008       Fantasia

MSC Poesia                               92,409             2008        Musica

MSC Orchestra                           92,409             2007        Musica

MSC Musica                              92,409              2006        Musica

MSC Sinfonia                             58,625              2005        Lirica

MSC Armonia                             58,625             2004        Lirica

MSC Opera                                59,058              2004        Lirica

MSC Lirica                               59,058             2003        Lirica
*  Gross Tonnage is a measure of the ship's revenue producing volume.  Over 100,000 gross tons is a very big ship.
**  The date indicates the date the ship entered service.  The ship may have been renamed and/or refurbished
subsequent to that date.  The dates indicated here are the dates the ship entered service for MSC.  MSC Armonia
((European Vision) and MSC Sinfonia (European Stars) were built for Festival Cruises in 2001 and 2002
respectively. MSC Medley entered service for the Home Line in 1982 as The Atlantic.  
***  Class relates to the design of the ship with the name of the class usually being taken from the first ship built from
that design.  If one ship is listed as being in the same class as another, it indicates that those ships were built from the
same design.   If no class is listed, the ship is the only ship of that design in the line's fleet.
MSC Poesia
MSC Lirica
MSC Orchestra
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