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Solstice's main dining room is the Grand
Epernay Dining Room
.  It continues the
traditional ocean liner approach to dining
with each passenger having a reserved seat
at one of the two seatings.  Simon Weir, Hotel
Director on Solstice, points out that there is a
great demand for traditional dining. "You
meet people and eat with people who you
have never met before from different walks
of life.  That is unique to cruising, that is why
people come back.  They form lifelong friends
or just had a very pleasant, interesting time.  
You never see it anywhere else, ever, just
Breakfast and lunch are open seating.
The room was designed Adam D. Tihany and
evokes the glamour of the golden age of
Hollywood.   Of particular note, is a two deck
high glass tower which acts as a wine cellar.
The food matches the atmosphere and
includes familiar items as well as some which
are more exotic such as bison ilet with red
onion preserve. (See example of a  
        As alternatives to the main
dining room, Solstice has an array of
specialty restaurants. They are "not
just specialty restaurants, it is food
options - - it is Asian food, Italian
style steaks, and Mediterranean high
cuisine and of course, upstairs you
still have the faster foods.  So, we
cover every base.," notes Weir.
The flagship specialty restaurant is
Murano, which serves a blend of
Italian and French cuisine in a  luxury
setting.  (See
menu)   The room is
intimate with  a classic European
decor designed by BG Studio
International.  Riedel crystal, fine
china and  attentive service are hall
marks of the experience.   
Above: Marjan Burazer prepares  
Crepe Balon Rogue table side.
The Tuscan Grille combines a sophisticated American
steakhouse with Italian style.  While steaks and beef dishes
(including Koebe beef) are emphasized the menu also contains
favorites from Italian cuisine as well as many Italian wines on
the wine list. (See

Designed by architect Adam Tihany, the entrance to the room
seeks to evoke a Napa Valley wine barrel (above).   Inside, the
room is contemporary with board room, high-backed, leather
chairs and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the stern of the
The Silk Harvest is a
pan-Asian restaurant with
samplings from the cuisines
of Vietnam, Thailand, Japan,
China and India.  It is a less
formal venue than the
restaurants discussed above
with dishes served
family-style, with built-in
lazy-Susans and small plates  
for sharing.
A variety of sakes are
available as well as
Asian-inspired martinis and
cocktails with giner root and
acal berries.
The room, created by RTKL
Design, has a modernistic
simplicity overlain with
touches of Asian decor.
Blu is the exclusive restaurant for Solstice's
AquaClass guests.  AquaClass provides guests  
a cruise that is like a spa retreat and features
special access to the spa and to wellness
classes.  Accordingly, the menu in Blu features
healthy fare. (See
The room is sophisticated with white leather
furniture and sparkling chandeliers.  It was
designed by Celebrity's own design team.  
Reportedly, an executive objected to an
interior wall that juts into the room.  However,
the wall is integral to the structural integrity of
the ship and could not be removed.  
Accordingly, the designers cleverly decorated
the wall with colors and holes so that it became
a design feature rather than a detraction.
Guests other than AquaClass may dine in Blu
on a space-available basis.  
The specialty of the house at Bistro on Five is crepes - - a
wide variety of crepes.  It also offers sandwiches, soups, salads
and desserts and entress including quiche, fish and chips, baked
iti and chicken pot pie.  A casual restaurant, it is open from 8
a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
The Oceanview Café is Solstice's
buffet restaurant.  Another venue designed
by Mr. Tihany, the room is stylish and

Nearby is the outdoor Oceanview Bar
overlooking the stern where guests can
dine al fresco.

The Oceanview Café is open for breakfast,
lunch and dinner as well as for snacks until
1 a.m..
Café Al Bacio (left) is a
European specialty coffee café
that also offers liqueurs and
pastries.  It is open from 8 in
the morning until 1 a.m.

Directly facing Café Al Bacio is
Gelateria, which offers
Italian ice cream and ices.  
While there is free ice cream in
the Oceanview Café, the
Gelateria offers Gelato.
The Mast Grill (above left) provides light fare such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and
cookies to guests on the open deck.

In contrast, the
Aqua Spa Café (above right) is located near the spa in the Solarium.  It
offers light spa refreshments including fresh fruit smoothies, salads, lean cuts of meat and
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