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Cellar Masters offers over 40
wines by the glass.  It goes beyond
being a wine bar by seeking to
educate guests about wine through
tastings.  In addition, in the evenings,
the classic wood paneled room hosts
classical music recitals.   
The Ensemble Lounge is
convenient to the major specialty
restaurants and thus is a convenient
place to have before or after dinner
drinks.  It also offers a variety of live
music during the course of an
evening.  During the day, the room is
used for activities such as trivia
A tradition on Celebrity ships is Michael's
.  It boasts a rare cognac collection as
well as an array of high-end tequilas and rum.  
This sophisticated wood paneled room serves
as a piano bar in the evenings.
 Futuristic and cosmopolitan, the Martini Bar (above and
right) offers a variety of martinis, sometimes complete with
acrobatic performances by the bartenders.  Nearby  is
(below) where guests can sit around a table with iced bottles  
and sample pairings of vodka and caviar.  
Galleria Tastings is located
amongst Solstice's shops.  Since the
area is open to the hallways, patrons
can watch the world pass by.  It also
offers whiskey and other liquor
Quasar is Solstice's disco.  Done in a
futuristic style ala the 1960s, it evokes
the discos of that era.  One might well
expect to see Mick Jagger or one of the
Beatles drop by.

During the day, Quasar is the scene for
a variety of activities including contests
using an Nintendo Wii.

The starboard side wall of the room
open out into the Entertainment Court
and thus the room can be used to
expand that venue.  
Located high on the forward end of the ship, the Sky Observation
has panoramic views over the surroundings.  It also has a
stage and a dance floor s well as a bar.

During the day, the room is used for table tennis tournaments, flower
arranging classes, and for art auctions.  Since it is a large room, it is
also used for receptions and gatherings such as reunions of past
Solstice has several bars serving the open decks.  The Oceanview Bar (above left) is located aft and is
convenient to the ship's buffet.  One deck above is the
Sunset Bar (above right), which also has
spectacular views over the stern and which is convenient to the Lawn Club.   Further forward is the
(below left), which is located near the deck chairs.  As the name indicates, serving the main pool area
is the
Pool Bar (below right).   
The Passport Bar is located in the lobby
and is in many ways similar to the bars one
sees in upscale hotels.  Its location makes it a
good vantage point for watching the world
pass by or for obtaining a drink to
accompany the performances that take place
in the lobby area from time-to-time.
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