Celebrity     Cruises
Bars, Lounges,
DINING is next.

The multi-level Celebrity Theater is at 1,000
seats, the ship's  largest entertainment venue.  It is
used  for Broadway-style production shows, music,
and comedy.
The Navigator Lounge is Mercury's observation
lounge located high on the forward part of the ship.  It
has a bar, dance floor and seating by its panoramic
windows.  During the day the room is used for activities
such as trivia contests while at night it is used both as a
nightclub and for performances.  Here, an interactive
show takes guests through the various phases of the 1960s.
Michael's Club (below) also overlooks the Grand Foyer but it is a
quieter, more secluded venue with the look of a traditional private
club.  This room is also sometimes used as the Captain's Club
Rendez-vous Square  is a large active lounge not far
from the main dining room.  In addition to a bar it has a
dance floor and bandstand.  The room is also used for
activities including cooking demonstrations.
Outside of the main
restaurant in the
two-level Manhattan
Foyer are two small
bars the
Martini Bar
and the
Fortunes Casino is a large tastefully decorated gambling venue.  In addition to slot
machines, traditional gaming and electronic gaming, it has its own bar.
Serving the open air decks and the La Playa Bar (above left) and the  
Sky Bar.   Enclosed in the aft pool area  is the Palm Springs Bar
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As the name indicates, the Cova Café and Wine Bar is both a
specialty coffee bar and a bar.  It also has a selection of pastries
during the day.  Centrally-located on Promenade Deck in the
Grand Foyer, it is a spacious area, which often has live musical

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In addition to
production shows in the
theater, Mercury has
"Interactive Production
Shows" in other venues
around the ship.  These
shows feature
performances by the
ship's production cast
and cruise staff in
which passengers can
join.  Here, the cast
performs a Latin-themed
show by the La Playa
The Cinema has movies and lectures.  It is also
used for group meetings.  
The Pavilion Nightclub, located at the stern of the ship on Deck 7, is put to a number of uses.  During the day, it is used for various
activities including classes in cooking and classes in how to play Wii.  Late in the afternoon, it can become the Captain's Club lounge
for guests in the Elite level of the repeat passenger program.   In the evening, it is the scene for dance parties, receptions and for the
chocolate dessert extravaganza.
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