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Saint John is located on the Atlantic coast of Canada.  It is the main
city on the Bay of Fundy and sits at the mouth of the St. John River.  
It is the largest city in, but not the capital of, the province of New

   The City of Saint John has a population of approximately 70,000.  
It is a clean, attractive city with a mixture of modern buildings and
vintage Victorian buildings.  It is not a spectacular city but has the
charm of a small friendly community.

   Shopping centers upon antiques and local arts and crafts.  There is
a tent market next to the cruise terminal with stalls offering various
Canadian products.  There are also small antiques and crafts shops
in the downtown area.  Saint John also has a sizeable shopping mall
that is within walking distance of the cruise terminal.

   The area is very tourist friendly.  Some 4,000 people work in
tourist-related jobs and cruise ships alone contribute an estimated
$25 million to the local economy.

   Saint John’s temperature averages approximately 22°C or 72°F in
summer during the cruise ship season.  It tends to be cooler than in
northeastern U.S. cities such as New York and Boston.

   The currency in Saint John is the Canadian dollar.  Many
merchants, however, will accept U.S. currency and credit cards.

   Saint John is not to be confused with St. John's Newfoundland.  
Both are Canadian maritime cities but they are located quite far apart
in two different provinces.  In recognition of the confusion the
similarity in the names of the two cities has caused, the first name of
the city in New Brunswick is always spelled out rather than
abbreviated "St."
of the main streets in Saint John. (The ship is Carnival

Below: Caribbean Princess at the Cruise Terminal.
Left: Long Wharf is a commercial cargo facility, which can
also act as a berth for cruise ships.

Above: Jewel of the Seas at Long Wharf.
Above: A wall mural portrays some of the famous
people who have been associated with Saint John
including movie mogul Louis B. Mayer and actor
Donald Sutherland.

Below: Saint John has several large churches.
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HISTORY   French explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed into
the area on June 24, 1604 and because it was the feast day of
St. John the Baptist, he called the place Saint John.

   Champlain found the Native Americans that lived in the area
eager to trade and subsequently French traders visited the area
frequently.  In 1635, Charles Le Tour opened a trading post
here, the first European settlement.  A rival trader captured it
in 1645 while Le Tour was absent.  His wife, however,
conducted such a spirited defense, however, that she became
known as the "Heroine of Acadia."

Britain.  However, the boundaries were unclear and areas
remained primarily French.  The Saint John settlement was
occupied by the British during the French and Indian War in

   During the American Revolution, a large number of
colonists remained loyal to the British crown and some even
fought in the British Army.  Having backed the losing side,
these people were often no longer welcome in the United
States and many fled to Canada, which remained British.  On
May 18, 1783, some 3,000 Loyalists arrived by ship in Saint
John.  Later in that year, they were joined by another 11,000
Loyalists.  By the end of the first year, they had built 276
buildings but a fire destroyed most of them and the city had to
be re-built.

   The new arrivals petitioned for a Royal Charter for their
new city and one was granted in 1785.   Thus, while there are
older cities in Canada, Saint John was the first one to be
officially incorporated.

   The potato famine in Ireland caused another group of
refugees to come to Saint John.  Some 30,000 Irish immigrants
arrived in the 1840s giving the city a strong Irish heritage.

   During the 19th Century, the City grew as a commercial and
shipbuilding center.  However, on June 20, 1877, a fire
ravaged the city destroying 1,600 buildings including the
business district.  Consequently, as in 1784, almost the entire
city had to be re-built.


   Saint John is a relatively recent addition to the
itinerary of the cruise ships that do Canada/New
England itineraries.  According to modern legend, the
first cruise ship to call here was seeking refuge from
a passing hurricane in the 1990s.  Since then the
popularity of the port has grown so that it now
welcomes some 210,000 cruise passengers during the
 cruise season, which runs from May to October.

  The port is attractive to the cruise lines for several
reasons.  First, it is a clean attractive small city.  
Second, the locals are friendly and eager to have
cruise ship visitors.  Third, under American law,
foreign flag ships (very few cruise ships fly the
American flag) cannot do itineraries made up entirely
of US ports.  For ships sailing out of New York or
Boston, Saint John presents an alternative Canadian
port to Halifax.

   In 2009, Saint John opened an $11 million cruise
terminal.  It can handle two ships at the same time.  A
third ship can dock at The Long Wharf .

   The water level in Saint John Harbour changes
dramatically with the tide.  As a result, for ships not
using the cruise terminal's facilities, the gangway has
to be shifted from one deck to another during the
course of the day.       
Above: Fog often rolls into Saint John from the Bay
of Fundy casting a mysterious aura over the town.  
However, it tends to burn off in summertime leaving
a sunny day.
Below: The Bay also has some of the highest tides in
the world, which even affect Saint John harbour.
Saint John is a city of contrasts.  It has modern
buildings but also one of the largest collections of
Victorian architecture.  It has small shops but also a
large shopping mall.  It is tourist-friendly but also has
its own life including its own university.
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    The Cruise Terminal is in the heart of Saint. John and many of the
places of interest are within walking distance from the cruise
terminal.  It should be noted, however, that there are some steep hills
that may make walking difficult for some.

  One can also walk from The Long Wharf into the main part of Saint.
John but it is much more distant.

  There are several tour bus companies that offer tours of the St. John
and the surrounding area.

  Taxis are also available but not overly plentiful especially on days
when there are several ships in port.  Some taxis wait dockside and
offer tours of the area.

    Tours are also offered by horse drawn trolleys and there are guides
who offer walking tours.
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