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Captain Claudio Cupisti
Commodore Ronald Warwick
Captain Edward Perrin
Captain Albert Schoonerbeek
Captain Gianpaolo Casula
Captain Hans Mateboer
Captain John Scott
Captain Erik Standal
Captain Attilio Guerrini
Captain Chris Wells
Commodore Christopher Rynd
(Princess, QE2, QM2)
(Queen Victoria)
(As Cunard Commodore)
Captain Tony Yeomans
Captain Trevor Lane
(Falklands War)
(QM2 Staff Captain)
Captain Giorgio Pagano
Captain Alessandro Galotto
Captain Arnolf Remo
Captain Francesco La Fauci
Captain Rune Johnsen
Captain Robert Camby
Captain James MacDonald
Cruise ship interviews - Index page - Captains, Deck Officers and Engineers
Captain Marco Fortezze
Revitalization of Caribbean Princess
Chief Engineer
Brian Watling
Captain Ian McNaught
Part I
Part II
Captain Nick Bates
Captain Carlo Queirolo
Captain Lars Bengtsson
Captain Konstantinos Patsoulas
Captain Thore Thorvolsen
Making it personal - - Regardless of how fine or luxurious a ship's facilities
and accommodations are, the quality of a cruise experience very much depends
upon the people who operate the ships.  Accordingly, Beyondships presents the
following interviews in which the people who actually operate the ships talk
about their ships and the cruise experience that they provide.


Captains, Deck Officers and Engineers.....................................This Page

Cruise Line Executives.............................................................
Page Two

Hotel Directors and Cruise Directors.........................................Page Three

Chefs, Food and Beverage Directors, and Sea People.................Page Four
Captain Panagiotis Skylogiannis
Captain David Warden-Owen
Captain Nikolaos Frantzis
Captain Agostino Fazio
Captain Herman Zini
Allure of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas
Captains, Deck Officers and Engineers

Commodore Bernard  Warner (Cunard Line)
Commodore Ronald Warwick (Cunard Line)
Commodore Christopher Rynd  (Cunard Line)
(Career (2007)
(Queen Victoria (2008)
As Cunard Commodore(2011)
Captain Gus Andersson (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Rosario Arena (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Nick Bates (Cunard Line)
Captain Stefano Battinelli (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Lars Bengtsson (NCL)
Captain Lars Bergstrom (NCL)
Captain Roger Bilton (Princess Cruises)
Captain Nicolo Bommarco (Princess Cruises)
Captain Gianpaolo Casula (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Claudio Cupisti (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Agostino Fazio (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Marco Fortezze (Princess Cruises)
(Revitalization of Caribbean Princess)
Captain Johnny Faevelen (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Nikolaos Frantzis (Celebrity Cruises)
Captain Alessandro Galotto (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Attilio Guerrini (Princess Cruises)
Captain Kenneth Harstrom (Norwegian Cruise Line)
Captain Rune Johnsen (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Franceso La Fauci (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Trevor Lane (P&O Australia/Cunard Line)
(Falklands War)
(The Role of  The Staff Captain)
Captain Gerry Larsson-Fedde (Celebrity Cruises)
Captain Henrik Loy (Royal Caribbean)
Captain James MacDonald (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Ian McNaught (Cunard Line)
(Part I)
(Part II)
Captain Hans Mateboer (Holland America Line)
Captain Nick Nash (Princess Cruises)
Captain Kjell Nordmo (Royal Caribbean)
Captain John Okland (Crystal Cruises)
Captain Kevin Oprey (Cunard Line)
Captain Konstantinos Patsoulas (Celebrity Cruises)
Captain Carlos Perdicini (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Edward Perrin (Princess Cruises)
Captain Gorgio Pagano (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Captain Carlo Queirolo (Carnival Cruise Lines)
Capatin Arnolf Remo (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Dino Sangani (Princess Cruises)
Captain Erik Standal (Royal Caribbean)
(Part One)
(Part Two)
Captain John Scott (Holland America Line)
Captain Albert Schoonerbeek (Holland America Line)
Captain Panagiotis Skylogianis (Celebrity Cruises)
Captain Hakan Svedung (Norwegian Cruise Line)
Captain Charles Teige (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Thore Thorvolsen (Royal Caribbean)
Captain Christopher Turner (Holland America Line)
Captain Edward van Zaane (Holland America line)
Captain David Warden-Owen (Saga)
Captain Christopher Wells (Cunard, P&O)
Captain Paul Wright (Cunard Line)
Captain Tony Yeomans (Princess Cruises)
Captain Herman Zini (Royal Caribbean)
Liberty of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Staff Captain Robert Camby (Cunard Line)
Chief Engineer Brian Watling (Cunard Line)
Safety Officer Ben Lyons  (Cunard Line)
Captain Paul Wright
Captain Roger Gustavsen
Captain Gerry Larsson-Fedde
Captain Edward van Zaane
Captain Charles Teige
Captain Christopher Turner
Captain Henrik Loy
Captain Lars Bergstrom
Captain Roger Bilton
Captain Nick Nash
Captain Hakan Svedung
Captain Nicolo Bommarco
Captain Kenneth Harstrom
Captain Gus Anderrson
Captain Kevin Oprey
Captain Stefano Battinelli