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Jaques Le Tallec
James Deering
(Crown Princess)
(Caribbean Princess (Pt. I)
(Caribbean Princess  (Pt. 2)
Jorge Lynch
Jacqueline Hodgson
Dirk Brand
(Queen Mary 2)
(Ruby Princess)
Simon Weir
on Celebrity Solstice
on Celebrity Eclipse
Dru Pavlov
Jorge Salano
Tony Becker
Darren Budden
Allan Brooks
Stewart Howard
Brian D'Souza
Sanjay Kumar
Robert Taggart
Cruise ship interviews - Index page - Hotel Directors and Cruise Directors
Peter Hollinson
Paul O'Loughlin
Queen Mary 2
Queen Victoria
Julian Brackenbury
on Celebrity Summit
on Solsticizing the Summit
Donato Becce
Lisa Richard
Sheldon Thompson
Denis Prguda
Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Epic
Hotel Director Raimund Gschaider
Oasis of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
John Duffy
Anuj Khosla
Harald Bernberger

Hotel Managers and Cruise Directors

Paul Baya (Cruise Director Celebrity Cruises)
Donato Becce (Hotel Director Carnival Cruise Lines)
Tony Becker (Passenger Services Director, Princess Cruises
Dirk Brand (Hotel Manager/Passenger Services Director
(Queen Mary 2)
(Ruby Princess)
(Royal Princess)
Butch Begovich (Cruise Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)
Harald Bernberger (Club Manager, AIDA Cruises)
Edwin Brunink (Hotel Manager, Holland America Line)
Pierre B. Camilleri (Hotel Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)
Rich Clesen (Cruise Director, Celebrity Cruises)
John Duffy (Hotel Manager, Cunard Line)
Julian Brackenbury (Celebrity Cruises)
(Celebrity Summit)
(Solsticizing the Summit)
Allan Brooks (Cruise Director, Royal Caribbean)
Darren Budden (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
James Deering (Passenger Services Director, Princess Cruises)
(Crown Princess)
(Caribbean Princess)
(Caribbean Princess  part II)
Sue Denning (Cruise Director, Celebrity Cruises)
Brian D'Souza (Hotel Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)
Herbert Doppler (Hotel Director, Crystal Cruises)
Adam Gorst (Hotel General Manager, Princess Cruises)
Raimund Gschaider (Hotel Director Royal Caribbean)
Oasis of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Silvio Ghigo (Hotel Director Royal Caribbean)
David Hamilton, (Hotel Manager, Cunard Line)
Richard Harry (Hotel Director, Princess Cruises)
Marcella Himmelreich (Hotel Manager, Holland America)
Jacqueline Hodgson (Hotel Manager, Cunard)
Peter Hollinson (Passenger Services Director, Princess Cruises)
Stewart Howard (Hotel Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)
Robert Howie (Hotel Manager, Cunard Line)
Steven Jacobsen (Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise Line)
Richard Janicki (Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise Line)
Richard Joseph (Cruise Director, Princess Cruises)
Anuj Khosla (Hotel Director, Carnival Cruise Lines)
Ryan Kingston (Hotel Director, Celebrity Cruises)
Steve Knott (Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise line)
Denis Prguda (Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise Line)
Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Epic
Sanjay Kumar (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
Michael Landry (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
Jaques Le Tallec (Hotel Director Norwegian Cruise Line)
Jorge Lynch (Hotel Director Royal Caribbean)
Xavier Matthias (Hotel Director Royal Caribbean)
Keith Maynard (Entertainment Director, Cunard Line)
Emilio Mazzi (Hotel General Manager, Princess Cruises)
Joao Mendonca (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
(Vision of the Seas)
(Allure of the Seas)
Henk Mensink (Hotel Manager, Holland America Line)
Paul O'Loughlin (Entertainment Director, Cunard Line)
Queen Mary 2
Queen Victoria
Dru Pavlov (Cruise Director Celebrity Cruises)
Scott Peterson (Cruise Director, Crystal Cruises)
Lisa Richard (Cruise Director, Celebrity Cruises)
Martin Ridley (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
Ray Rouse (Cruise Director Cunard Line)
Jorge Salano (Cruise Director - Carnival Cruise Lines)
Robert Taggart (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
Sheldon Thompson (Hotel Director, Celebrity Cruises)
Hugo Vanosmael (Hotel Director, NCL)
Benny Weidecker (Hotel Director, Royal Caribbean)
Simon Weir (Hotel Director, Celebrity Cruises)
(on Celebrity Solstice)
(on Celebrity Eclipse)
Sean Wurmhoesinger (Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise Line)
Mark Zeller (Hotel Manager, Holland America Line)
Sue Denning
Jan Willem Kuipers
Steven Jacobsen
Ryan Kingston
Rich Clesen
Mark Zeller
Edwin Brunink
Benny Weidecker
Hugo Vanosmael
Adam Gorst
Paul Baya
Xavier Matthias
Richard Harry
Steve Knott
Emilio Mazzi
Richard Joseph
Picture of David Hamilton of Cunard Line
David Hamilton
Picture of Sean Wurmhoesinger of Norwegian Cruise Line
Sean Wurmhoesinger  
Michael Landry
Robert Howie
Keith Maynard
Richard Janicki
Butch Begovich
Pierre Camilleri