Celebrity     Cruises
The Ocean View
are 170 square
feet and have a window rather
than a balcony.  They come with
two twin beds that can be
combined into a queen-size bed
(above left) or separate beds
(above right).  These cabins
have a sitting area with a
vanity/desk and some, but not
all, have a sofa bed.  They also
have a television, mini-bar, and
a private bathroom.
Inside Staterooms are also
170 square feet.  In fact, they
appear to have the same
amenities and facilities as the
Ocean View Staterooms except
that there is no window.
Above: Balcony Stateroom with two twin
beds that have been combined to form a
queen-size bed.  These cabins are 170 square
feet with a 31 square foot balcony

CONSTELLATION has three categories of
balcony cabins including the Deluxe Ocean
View Staterooms.  The Family Ocean View
Stateroom is 271 square feet with a 242 foot
veranda.  There is also a partition between the
sleeping area and the sitting area.  The
Celebrity Concierge Class are 191 square feet
with a 41 square foot balcony.  They also
include numerous luxury extras and services
such as fresh flowers, priority embarkations,
disembarkation, seating in the dining room and
booking for shore excursions.    
CONSTELLATION has a wide variety of
accommodations ranging from large suites to inside

The top-of-the-line suites are the Penthouse Suites.  
They are 1,432 square feet with a 1,098 square foot
deck area.  Inside there are
inter alia separate living
and dining rooms, master bedroom with two lower
beds convertible to a king-size bed, a marble
bathroom, a grand piano, exercise equipment, and a
butler's pantry.  There is also a butler who will do
such things as serve all meals and afternoon tea in
the suite, help with unpacking/packing and shine

Next, the Royal Suites have a 598 square foot
stateroom and a 195 square foot veranda.  They
have: a separate living room with sitting and dining
areas; floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; a bedroom
with two beds that can form a king size bed; two
entertainment centers with TVs and VCRs; walk=in
closet; bath and shower; and a whirlpool on the

The Sky Suites are 251 square feet with 52 square
foot balconies.  They feature two lower beds
convertible to a king size; floor-to-ceiling glass
sliding doors; sitting area with chair and sofa bed;  
entertainment center with TV and VCR; walk-in
closet and bathroom with tub.

The Celebrity Suites are 467 square feet.  They do
not have balconies but feature: two lower beds
convertible to queen-size; floor-to-ceiling panoramic
windows; separate living room with dining and
sitting area; two entertainment centers with
plasma-screen TVs and VCRs; music center;
Internet station; walk-in closet with vanity table;
bath including whirlpool tub and glass-enclosed
sitting area (connecting door to adjacent suite).
All of the suites come with butler service and a long
list of extra luxuries and services.  Of course, there
are additional extras in the higher categories such as
use of a personal computer in the Penthouse and
Royal suites.     
The Penthouse suites have extensive balconies, some of which are equipped with whirlpools.
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